Discovery Christian School -  Where kids DISCOVER the fun in learning!
Preschool & Childcare
Rates:  Full Time and Part Time Tuition is based on "monthly rates".
Full Time:(up to 10 hours daily)
5 days  $775
4 days  $720
3 days  $560
2 days  $400
Part Time:  (up to 5 hrs daily)
5 days  $595
4 days  $535
3 days  $430
2 days  $325
Preschool or Kindergarten:  9:00am to 12:30pm
5 days  $545/mo or $125 /wk  (Kindergarten)
3 days  $435/mo or $100 /wk  (Mon/Wed/Fri)
2 days  $325/mo. or $  75 /wk  (Tues/Thurs)
Drop In - Cash Only
$10 /hr  (2hr minimum)
$65 /daily rate
Application Fee is $125 for new  students (or re-enrolling after being gone over 30 days)
Registration Fee is $50 yearly.  Due at enrollment and May of each year.  Book fees may apply for some ages.
10% Sibling Discount is given to families with more than one child enrolled.
A two week deposit is required (equals 1/2 of monthly tuition).  Arrangements may be made to pay this in several installments if needed.
*Book fees also apply for some ages*
Charges are based on enrollment, not attendance.
Discovery School K-12
$4,500 per year
Please call and speak to our Administrator for more information!
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